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3ml Niche & High End Designer type


Al-Misk High-end Designer Type & Arabian Perfume Oils are all top grade uncut alchohol-free perfume oils.

THIS FRAGRANCE IS PRESENTED IN A BEAUTIFUL 3ml Glass bottle that comes with either a dab-on stick and roller ball application option, you may state your preference.

Simply choose any perfume oil from the list below and specify which one you would require

Please note we have no connection with any brand name or designer, our scents are just made up of similar perfume notes to the various Designer perfumes.

Coffee Rose
(Similar scent to cafe rose Tom Ford ® )
Neroli Port
(Similar scent to Neroli Portofino Tom Ford ® )
Italy cyp
(Similar scent to Italian Cypress Tom Ford ® )
Ouda ila aswad
(Similar scent to Back To Black Killian ® )
(Similar scent to Jubilation men Amouage ® )
Black Noir
(Similar scent to Noire Tom Ford ® )
Rose Arabic
(Similar scent Rose d'arabie Armani Prive ® )
Sandal blushed
(Similar scent to Santal Blush Tom Ford ® )
Aoud Royale
(Similar scent to Oud Royal Armani Prive ® )
Ashiq Fransi
(Similar scent to French Lover Fredric malle ® )
Oud white
(similar scent to White Aoud Montale ® )
(Similar scent to X men Clive Christian ® )
(Similar scent to Arabian wood Tom Ford ® )
(Similar scent to Jasmine Rouge Tom Ford ® )
Blck Afghan
(Similar scent to Black Afgano Nasamotto ® )
Oudh Woods
(Similar scent to Oud Wood Tom Ford ® )
(Similar scent to Reflection Amouage ® )

Which Perfume from the list do you require?

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